How is the Internet Security of the Year 2016?

Life used to be simpler in the past few years where we don’t have a hundred apps on our mobile devices. But due to the increased usage of many different apps these days, internet security has been the main concern of every individual.

You are probably wondering if we are more protected this year. Well, there’s no definite answer yet because as organizations optimize their anti-cybercrime systems, cybercriminals are also creating more sophisticated techniques to deceive a lot of different people and institutes. But if this is regarded in a general manner, our answer will be a “no”. Determining the exact number of people being a victim of viruses and hacking in the recent years is also somewhat difficult because some people don’t bother reporting their bad experiences to local authorities.

Using the internet today is like being under surveillance for many people. But what are the weaknesses of the global network? Today, mobile devices could be its main weak points. The reason for this is that most consumers don’t take the time to install antivirus software on such devices because they believe that their operating system is well protected. But those systems are also vulnerable, take Windows for example. In fact, those devices have a higher risk because of the large number of apps installed on them, exposing them to more threats.

It is necessary to install a good antivirus on your mobile devices because they are inexpensive and also provides good protection for your gadgets. Some apps can also be dangerous because other than their main function or usage, they can perform several actions on your device such as accessing your stored information. Most of us install apps without carefully reading their conditions and warnings, and we just simply install them on our device.

We list some basic advice and recommendations below to help you protect yourself from cybercriminals:

– Do not access or browse suspicious websites

– Do not open unconfirmed emails and attachments

– Do not click links or commands without extra precaution

– Carefully verify each link included in your emails

– Install only the most important apps on your mobile devices

Our last advice is to help you reduce the risk of viruses and spams because the more apps you have, the more vulnerable you become. Dangers online is evidently spreading quickly these days and the best possible way to handle those is to determine their level of risk and you should also be willing to handle them properly.

Most local authorities in different places have a special unit that can help those who have been victims of an attack to track the culprit. Such units have the capability to track the origin of the attack outside the country’s borders with the help of similar units abroad.

This year seems to be no different in the past years in terms of cybercrimes but authorities are doing their best to provide utmost protection to the citizens. We encourage anyone who has been a victim of phishing scams, internet fraud or any cyberattacks to report it to the authorities.

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