5 Useful Steps To Protect Your Identity Online

We aim to provide helpful ways for you to find out if your identity has been stolen or not with this article. Ask yourself, “Is my identity still safe from hackers online?” Don’t answer this question with a blank look on your face that you end up staring at the walls for a long period of time. Be proactive about it today! Obviously, the most alarming sign is that your money is magically disappearing from your bank account. But we don’t want that to happen, so take note of the following:

Check your online bills

In order to determine unusual transactions, we recommend monitoring your online bills on a regular basis. With our current digital world, online bills and statements were utilized by the majority of people because they serve as identity theft detecting discovery systems. A trustworthy smartphone app or an online monitoring of your spending offered by your bank enables you to detect any odd activities in your accounts. With this, you can make necessary steps before it’s too late.

Be wary of phishers

Searching at your trash bin for your trashed bank statements is not the only way bad guys could steal your identity but also with email phishing scams. Don’t fall for emails saying that they were from major companies telling you to reset your online account details by providing your banking details. Never fall for this kind of trick. Professionals will not ask for your private details if they really meant doing business with you. For further explanation on this, you may read our previous posts.

Pay attention to your surroundings

If you’re still worried about your identity being stolen by cybercriminals, there’s a certain website that could help you to do so, it is hasmyidentitybeenstolen.com. Looks like a scam website? But it isn’t, it is so legit that its CEO Darren Innes has been seen on the recent episode of the popular BBC Show Rip Off Britain. You can enter your postcode on the site to determine if you and your neighbors are at risk. By entering your email address, you can also identify if your personal details are for sale or not.

Secure your wireless connection

Free Wi-Fi is often a lifesaver but it is not always safe. Carefully choose which Wi-Fi networks you would connect to all the time. It is apparent that connecting to open Wi-Fi networks is prone to attacks from cybercriminals.

Keep your system updated

We know that most people were oftentimes annoyed with the update notifications that often pop up on their laptop, smartphone, or smart TV. But no matter how disturbing they are, installing updates were usually worth it because they sometimes include security boosting modifications. It can protect your electronic devices from the latest viruses and can block off newly discovered vulnerabilities that could leave your personal information exposed to cybercriminals.

News overarching internet security and cybercrimes will be discussed in this site often. Anything you want to learn – from identity theft, internet fraud to phishing scams – is included in here, so stay posted!

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