5 Tips to Strengthen the Security of Your Website

According to certain studies in the past few years, websites that are using WordPress are prone to cyberattacks. Some of the primary reasons why websites get hacked include a weak password, vulnerable themes and plugins, and an unreliable hosting. As an organization committed to providing protection against cybercriminals through our articles, we prepared some helpful tips that could help you boost the security of your WordPress site.

Get yourself a secure hosting

Secure hosting has a few beneficial aspects such as support for the latest PHP and MySQL versions, account isolation, web application firewall, and intrusion detecting system. We recommend that you use hosting from a company with strong security measures.

Uploading files from users should be controlled

With this, it could prevent users from executing files they upload as well as direct upload of files altogether. If your website allows users to upload images, this step is crucial because it uses secure transport methods such as SFTP or SSH.

Utilize custom secret keys

We recommend to never log in with an “admin” username and don’t use a default password. It would also be better to change your password regularly. Simply using the username “admin” makes your website vulnerable to cyberattacks. They can use sophisticated methods to force their way into your account, but this still depends on the strength of your password.

Perform backups on a regular basis

You can decide whether to do backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We suggest that you create a backup plan or utilize a backup service.

Keep WordPress updated

In case your site is run by WordPress, make sure to download its latest release of updates. It is also advisable to follow its latest update of themes and plugins and keep them up to date. You can view the plugins tab under the dashboard to check if there are plugins that are needed to be updated. New releases often include patches that could enhance the security of your website. Don’t forget to always check the top of the dashboard whenever you log into the WordPress admin dashboard to see if there is an available update.

Avoid downloading “nulled” or “leaked” plug-ins and themes. Some of the plugins and themes available on the internet include malicious code that could make attackers take control of your installation or inject advertisements and redirects. Do not also trust suspicious sites that offer free premium plugins. We recommend that you should only download plugins from the WordPress store.

Aside from strengthening the security of your WordPress site, you should also be wary of different internet security concerns today such as phishing scams, internet fraud or identity theft. We want to remind you that WordPress vulnerability is only one of the hundred ways an attacker could exploit important data from you. However, those tips will surely help you in securing your WordPress installation.

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5 Tips to Strengthen the ... According to certain studies in the past few years, websites that are using WordPress are prone to cyberattacks. Some of the primary reasons why websites get hacked