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Apple said it is working on a fix for the latest text bomb bug that crashes a number of iOS and Mac apps that display specific Telugu language characters.   
Intel will pay up to $250,000 to researchers who identify bugs more severe than 9.0 on the CVSS scale.
Avecto researchers say removing admin rights from users would mitigate many of the threats.
Malicious e-mail attachments used in this campaign don’t display any warnings when opened and silently install malware.
Attacks include a hard-coded password vulnerability that could give attackers unauthorized access to systems.
Researchers now believe attackers may have had prior access to networks and that malware was more sophisticated than originally believed.
One of the bugs could allow a successful attack simply by a user viewing an email in Outlook\'s Preview pane.
It\'s just the latest reported vulnerability for the secure messaging application.
The malware\'s sole purpose was to take down systems, not steal data, Cisco Talos researchers say.
Emails try to get recipients to share revealing photos of themselves so scammers can later extort them later.