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As Microsoft touts its Windows 10 security features defeating unpatched zero-day vulnerabilities, it also warned customers about security issues with Windows 7.
Experts say US-CERT is taking advantage of a potential -- but unverified -- vulnerability in Windows SMB v1 to remind enterprise users the outdated service should be disabled.
Researchers saw a Gmail phishing campaign in the wild using clever tricks to access accounts including a difficult 2FA bypass only possible in real time.
Security, in information technology (IT), is the defense of digital information and IT assets against internal and external, malicious and accidental threats.
New Microsoft privacy tools will give users control over the data collected on the web and within Windows. Experts hope the tools will offer data privacy transparency.
News roundup: St. Jude Medical patches vulnerable medical IoT devices after a five-month controversy. Plus, the Email Privacy Act is reintroduced; Juniper warns of a firewall flaw; and more.
Experts are impressed with the simplicity of Google\'s Cloud KMS even if it doesn\'t separate itself from the key management service competition.
IT threats are tough to tackle when they originate from within your business. This technical guide considers that issue and offers ways to deal with insider security threats.
Poor authentication in MongoDB configurations has led to a sharp increase in ransom attacks, and experts say tens of thousands of databases could be at risk.
Microsoft offers up a meager January 2017 Patch Tuesday release before bigger changes planned for Windows security update announcements, which are set to take effect in February.